We are a small company focused on delivering both hardware and software solutions for several industries including: Pharmaceuticals, Health Insurance, Power Generation, Manufacturing and more.  We can transform your business processes and products!  Our years of experience in building custom solutions can be cost effective and very profitable for the customer.

New Products

Accurate labeling is critically important to your business! The iMatchCode ™ is a complete turnkey system to detect and prevent label mix-up. Many features are included to make it easy for the customer to deploy and integrate this into their production lines.

Model: IMC200

Introductory price: $3,400

These are some of the industries where we have delivered solutions:

  • Manufacturing
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Food Packaging
  • Contract Packaging

Please call us for your next project or just to assess the efficiency and effectiveness of your existing processes at 813-758-1385.